Rwanda: Brochure - Development of Comprehensive Disaster Risk Profiles for enhancing Disaster Management in Rwanda

The Development of (national and local) Comprehensive Disaster Risk Profiles for Enhancing Disaster Management project was launched in October 2012 and closed in April 2016, having successfully completed all key planned activities.

The project was implemented by the World Bank (WB) in collaboration with the Rwandan Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugee Affairs (MIDIMAR), and aimed at assessing the risk of various hazards and developing a comprehensive disaster risk profile. On 10 September 2015, the project launched its first National Disaster Risk Atlas, which was developed through a comprehensive risk assessment process led by MIDIMAR in close collaboration with UNDP, the EU and the WB. The Atlas focuses on five main hazards: droughts, landslides, floods, earthquakes and windstorms. It highlights the different levels of vulnerability and exposure in relation to these hazards throughout Rwanda, while outlining key mitigation recommendations designed to reduce risk.

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