Result Area 2 Program - Gender strategies and action plans for disaster risk reduction

Women and girls are among the most vulnerable groups to disasters, often because of cultural and behavioral restrictions on women’s mobility and socially ascribed roles and responsibilities. Understanding the different needs and capacities of women and men and integrating gender considerations is a crucial step for effective DRM.

Significant progress was made in integrating gender considerations to the Result Area 2 Program. Gender mainstreaming in DRR and DRM has been prioritized as an essential aspect of building resilience to natural hazards that is inclusive of all segments of society, given the different vulnerabilities of women and men. In this light, ECCAS, ECOWAS, SADC and IGAD have finalized regional gender strategies and action plans, which were presented to respective member states. The objective of this activity is to develop a realistically ambitious and practical 10-year gender strategy and action plan for mainstreaming gender considerations into DRM policies, plans of actions and programs.

Download the ECCAS gender strategy and action plan and in French

Download the ECOWAS gender strategy and action plan and in French

Download the SADC gender strategy and action plan

Download the IGAD gender strategy and action plan and in French