Result Area 2 Program Activity Report 2020-2021

The FY21 Activity Report for the Result Area 2 Program highlights the achievements that have been made possible through the increased regional cooperation between and within African Regional Economic Communities (RECs). Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, RECs were able to continue building their capacities to guide and inform their member states on resilience planning though policy advice and knowledge dissemination.

In FY21, the participating RECs prioritized investments in effective hydrometeorological services for their member states. Several important knowledge-sharing events were held on this issue, with ECCAS, ECOWAS, IGAD, and SADC developing contingency plans for flooding events. Significant improvements were also made in countries’ abilities to collect and analyze data, a result of the opportunities made available by the Program to DRM experts to expand their knowledge and to collaborate with their peers across regional networks.

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