Jamaica: Coastal Management and Beach Restoration Guidelines

The Coastal Management and Beach Restoration Guidelines for Jamaica-acitivity had the overall objective to support national policy and institutional development regarding coastal resources, natural hazards and climate related impacts, and sustainable development.

A review was conducted of existing coastal management and beach restoration guidelines, and updated guidelines and regulations were proposed that are more integrated and that establish the linkages between existing sector specific policies and ocean/coastal zone issues.

The resulting set of comprehensive guidelines integrates the use of:

  • Hard infrastructure measures; 
  • Soft measures such as habitats (dunes, mangroves, seagrasses and reefs) restoration, relocation and replanting and beach nourishment; 
  • Non-structural solutions such as setback regulations, managed retreat, adequate conservation mechanisms, awareness and education initiatives, and controls that restrict building and coastal development; 
  • Hybrid solutions (combination of soft, hard and non-structural measures).

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