Africa Disaster Risk Financing Initiative: Activity Report 2016-2017

ADRF Initiative Activity Report 2016-17

This report summarizes the activities and achievements for 2016-2017 under Result Area 5 of the Program "Building Disaster Resilience in Sub-Saharan Africa". This Program consists of five parts, which are implemented by several partners and together make up a complete cycle of disaster risk management measures and capacity building.

Result Area 5, also known as the Africa Disaster Risk Financing (ADRF), aims to support African countries in developing national risk financing tools and strategies that have the potential to significantly reduce disaster losses, speed recovery, and build resilience to natural hazards. Result Area 5 is not financed by the ACP-EU NDRR Program.

The report gives an overview of the achievements to date and identifies upcoming priorities and challenges. So far, the ADRF Initiative has yielded results in supporting governments by strengthening their capacity to design and implement risk financing policies, instruments, and strategies at regional, national and local levels.

An updated Program Brochure is also accessible here.

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