Mozambique: Promoting the Integration of Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation Into District Development Plans and Community-Based Risk Management

Context and objectives 

The project, implemented by World Vision, has contributed to the integration of disaster risk reduction (DRR) and climate change adaptation (CCA) into Mozambique’s development strategies, thereby increasing the resilience of vulnerable communities. The project aimed to achieve its objective by:

  • Building the capacity of target communities to implement Community Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM)
  • Providing technical assistance to district and national institutions to integrate DRR and CCA in development planning.

The project, implemented by World Vision, targeted three districts in the Gaza Province (Chibuto, Chókwè, Guijá).

Main activities and results

    At the start of the project, a two-day start-up workshop was held in October 2016 in Chókwè, Gaza province, with representatives from national, provincial and district organizations, to officially launch the project and plan project activities involving all stakeholders. Also at the start of the project, a baseline study was conducted in the 32 target communities to assess DRR methodologies, which found that only a share of the communities had local DRM committees in place.

    Main outcomes of the project were the development of a methodology and training manual for community-based DRM activities, a methodology to mainstream DRR and CCA in District Development Plans, and revised guidelines to develop Local Adaptation plans.

    In addition, trainings on the new methodology for community-based DRM activities were provided to ten technicians from the National Institute for Disaster Management and government officials from the three districts. These officials in turn provided trainings to members of the 32 target communities on hazard-, vulnerability-, and capacity analysis.

    Partnerships and Coordination

    World Vision Mozambique implemented the project based on existing partnerships with the Ministry of Planning and Development (MPD), the Ministry for the Coordination of Environmental Affairs (MICOA), the. National Institute for Disaster Management (INGC) and using combined products/processes developed by multiple organizations (e.g. UNDP, Disaster Preparedness ECHO programme (DIPECHO) implementers, NGOs and the Africa Climate Change Resilience Alliance - ACCRA) to scale up activities that are being implemented by these institutions.

    • Africa
    Priority area
    • Mainstreaming of disaster risk reduction (DRR)
    Window of Action
    • Window 2
    Amount approved
    • $578,141
    • $58,028
    • 09/2015 - 06/2018