Grenada - Disaster Preparedness and Response Capacity Assessment and Technical Assistance

Context and Objectives

Across the Caribbean, due to limitations in human and financial resources, many disaster management and response agencies are under-capacitated and institutionally weak. In a region with category 5 hurricane disasters and weather-related disasters, preparedness and response will always be a key pillar of comprehensive DRM. Therefore, strengthening preparedness systems before a disaster event and strengthening the capacity of a system to effectively respond post-disaster protects public safety, safeguards development gains and increases resilience. 

Main activities and results

  • Component 1- Assessment of institutional arrangements for national capacity development and deeper regional integration: Under this activity, a systems-level assessment is provided to understand the institutional arrangements and systems in place for disaster risk management, resilience and effective ex-ante preparedness and post-disaster response.
  • Component 2- Strategic roadmap and capacity investment planning. This activity provides a sustainable and implementable strategic roadmap, based on the country’s specific hazard and exposure profile, organizational capacity, institutional direction and available response resources.

An evidence-based strategic roadmap and an investment plan were designed in order to improve disaster preparedness and response. In addition, an institutional assessment of the National Disaster Management Organizations of Grenada and the CDEMA commissioned by the World Bank and the University of Bournemouth was finalized. This assessment determined the best organizational structure and funding model to provide the most impact in terms of preparedness and response. 

Partnerships and Coordination

The activities under this project were implemented by the World Bank in partnership with CDEMA and in close alignment with the work under the EU's 11th EDF Intra-ACP envelope.


  • Caribbean
Window of Action
  • Window 2
Amount approved
  • $100,000
  • 07/2019 - 12/2020