September 2021 - 3rd Edition of the Disaster Risk Management Focus Days

The Africa, Caribbean and Pacific Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Focus Days, and final event for the ACP-EU NDRR Program, took place from September 28 to 30, 2021.

The event outlined how the Africa, Caribbean, Pacific-European Union Natural Disaster Risk Reduction (ACP-EU NDRR) Program has helped build resilience to natural hazards across the African, Caribbean and Pacific regions, through regional, country and local-level activities.

This event was co-organized by the European Union (EU), the Organization for African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS) and the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR).

Download the event Summary Report.

The link to all sessions are available below: 

  1. Opening Plenary
  2. Technical Talk on the highlights of results of the Program
  3. Technical Talk: Sub-Regional Institutions
  4. Technical Talk: Influencing Development Projects through Hydromet and Early Warning Studies – Examples from the Pacific
  5. Technical Talk: Music, Sports and Crypto - Actionable Communication!
  6. Technical Talk: Hurricane Hurry - the Game for Building Consensus around Caribbean DRF Strategies
  7. Community Session: Hydromet Services and Early Warning Systems
  8. Community Session: Coastal Resilience in Africa: Lessons, Challenges and the Pathway Forward
  9. Community Session: Country Experiences with Disaster Impact Evaluations and Resilient Recovery Planning
  10. Community Session: Preparedness and Response and Government Continuity
  11. Community Session - Disruptive Technologies for DRM - Part 1
  12. Community Session - Disruptive Technologies for DRM - Part 2
  13. Community Session: Regional Data Platform to Support Disaster Risk Management
  14. Closing Plenary