Comoros: Capacity Building for Flood Assessment and Recovery Planning

Context and Objectives 
The objective of the project was to increase the resilience to natural hazards and sustain economic growth of the Union of the Comoros. This project focused on the assessment of damage and on building in-house capacity, by carrying out training sessions to relevant government staff on how to conduct Post-Disaster Needs Assessments. 

Main Activities and results
This project assisted the Union of the Comoros with a comprehensive impact assessment and with technical assistance on how to guide the provision of immediate assistance for recovery and reconstruction planning as well as forward looking investments in resilience building.

The assessment was closely linked to the priorities stated in the national poverty reduction strategy, as well as to the development strategies of the World Bank and other development partners that call for greater resilience to natural hazards.

The training was carried out as planned, and an updated note on the rehabilitation plan was completed following a flood event in April 2012.

Partnerships and Coordination
The project benefited from close coordination with the EU Delegation in Moroni and the UN system in the Comoros. The EU Delegation was consulted during the assessment and invited to participate in the assessment and training. The training was jointly conducted with the EU and UN.

  • Africa
Priority area
  • Mainstreaming of disaster risk reduction (DRR)
Window of Action
  • Window 3
Amount approved
  • $104,313
  • $40,000
  • 08/2012 - 06/2013