Caribbean: Support and Participation to the 6th Caribbean Conference on Comprehensive Disaster Management


Context and Objectives 
The main objective of the activity was to strengthen cooperation with the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) and to continue coordination of activities at the regional and national levels, in order to advance disaster risk reduction agendas.

Main Activities
The main activities were to support the organization of specific sessions of the 6th Caribbean Conference on comprehensive disaster management, particularly:

  • Organizing the session on reflecting on comprehensive disaster management: Retracing steps, celebrating achievements, and distilling gaps with a focus on innovation in development practice.
  • Organizing the Professional Development session on the Global Earthquake Model (GEM) regional program in the Caribbean.

Partnerships and Coordination
The World Bank Disaster Risk Management Team of the Latin America and Caribbean Region implemented the project. In addition, the key counterpart institution was CDEMA; all the key disaster risk reduction regional stakeholders were invited to participate to the conference. Finally, the publication capturing the highlights of the conference were widely distributed within the region, including with international development partners.


  • Caribbean
Priority area
  • Mainstreaming of disaster risk reduction (DRR)
Window of Action
  • Window 1
Amount approved
  • $101,532
  • $0
  • 11/2011 - 11/2012