Belize Natural Hazards and Disaster Risk Assessment for Improved Road Management Phase II

Context and Objectives
The road network in Belize is particularly vulnerable to natural disasters due to budgetary constraints, indicating the need to invest in management processes and maintenance routines.

Furthermore, hazard and risk have not been adequately incorporated into road designs and this, coupled with inadequate preventive maintenance and rehabilitation, results in unsafe road conditions during flooding events, and also exacerbates road closures periods. With 70 percent of the population living near primary and secondary road networks, flooding of one section of roadway can cut access and severely disrupt the flow of economic activities and response in post-disaster situations. The Government has therefore prioritized the transport sector in their medium-term investment planning, considering its vulnerability and socio-economic importance. 

The main objective of this ACP-EU NDRR project is to support Belize in the better management of road infrastructure assets through building institutional capacity with the aim of reducing disaster and climate risk vulnerability in Belize.

Main Activities

  • Component 1: Identifying best practices in road asset management. The objective of this activity is to produce a comprehensive analysis on existing road maintenance procedures. 
  • Component 2: Developing a roadmap to integrate the update of the Roads Condition database into the daily tasks of Ministry of Works (MoW). A systematic methodology for the MoW to update the database will be developed.
  • Component 3: Providing technical support to national and district level officers. This activity aims at having a roadmap for updating the Roads Conditions Database.
  • Component 4: Creating a process to integrate climate and disaster risk into road management and maintenance. The project will explore the integration of traffic forecasting as well as economic and population area condition forecasting to determine future possible scenarios which would inform the national planning process.

This project is in its inception phase.

Partnerships and Coordination
The project is implemented by the World Bank with key government counterpart institutions including the Ministry of Works.  Activities are also coordinated with other relevant national and local actors, including Social Investment Fund and Ministry of Natural Resources.

  • Caribbean
Window of Action
  • Window 2
Amount approved
  • $220,000
  • 07/2019 - 07/2020