Tonga: Technical Assistance for Recovery and Reconstruction Planning, Post Tropical Cyclone Ian


Building back climate-resilient homes in Tonga following Tropical Cyclone Ian. Source

Context and Objectives 
The primary objective of this activity was to promote resilient reconstruction through support to the development of a housing reconstruction policy framework and strategy.

Main Activities
The main activities of the project were:

  • Assist in developing a Housing Reconstruction Policy and Strategy by:
    • Refining the needs assessment;
    • Establishing the context of reconstruction
    • Outlining the institutional and financial strategy and principles of community participation;
    • Detailing the reconstruction approach, including eligibility criteria, grievance redressal, relocation and changes in land-use policy required for enhanced disaster resilience, and "Build back better" principles for housing reconstruction; and
    • Identifying appropriate risk management measures for environmental and social safeguards, disaster risk reduction, and M&E. The Reconstruction Policy would feed in the Tonga national resilient recovery program.
  • Support the Government’s recovery and reconstruction planning through providing technical support to the Government for the mapping of post-disaster building damage and needs, by:
    • Utilizing remote sensing, geo-information and global positioning systems; and
    • Compiling available hazard and risk information to produce adequate mapping products.
  • Provide training and capacity building to the Ministry of Infrastructure Policy and Planning Division.

A Post-Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) was conducted, which resulted in a government-owned report. This report outlined opportunities for mainstreaming disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation into national recovery and development strategies, as well as next steps in the reconstruction and recovery efforts.

Partnerships and Coordination
The PDNA process was government-led, with technical support from the World Bank.

  • Pacific
Priority area
  • Integration of disaster prevention into post-disaster recovery
Window of Action
  • Window 3
Amount approved
  • $80,242
  • $54,000
  • 03/2014 to 12/2015