A Climate Change Virtual Reality Experience Goes Home: ‘Our Home, Our People’ Returns to Fiji

'Our Home, Our People,' a virtual reality project which tells the human stories behind the GFDRR-supported Fiji Climate Vulnerability Assessment, returns to the communities involved in the film.

UR2020 in Singapore

Join us in Singapore, May 18-22, 2020, for UR's 10th anniversary!

Small Island States Resilience Initiative

In May 2018, SISRI held its third annual Practitioners' Network Meeting in Mexico City, bringing together more than 70 participants to share experiences and explore ways to build resilience.

Rubem Hofliger at UR2018: Leveraging private sector solutions for managing disaster risk

Rubem Hofliger of Swiss Re makes the case that a comprehensive approach to disaster risk management requires a joint effort by both the public and private sector.

James Balog at UR2018: How blending art and science can help us understand risk

James Balog, Founder and President of the Earth Vision Institute and Extreme Ice Survey, talks about how blending art and science can help us better understand disaster risk.

Javier Sanchez at UR2018: The nexus between cybersecurity and disaster risk management

Javier Sanchez, CTO of the MER Group, explains how the disaster risk management community can respond to the emerging challenge of cybersecurity.

Nell Watson at UR2018: Protecting vulnerable communities through artificial intelligence

Nell Watson of Singularity University's AI & Robotics Faculty talks about the power and potential of artificial intelligence as a tool for empowering vulnerable communities.

Ahmad Wani at UR2018: How artificial intelligence can help promote social inclusion

Ahmad Wani, CEO of One Concern, shares a few insights about how artificial intelligence can be used as a tool for combating social exclusion.

Aldo Ramírez Orozco at UR2018: Managing risk in infrastructure planning

Aldo Ramírez Orozco of the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM) shares a few insights on risk assessment in infrastructure planning.

Highlights: UR2018 in Mexico City

Check out the highlights of the 2018 Understanding Risk Forum!