Georgiana Ilie at URBalkans: How open data and storytelling can inspire action to build resilience

Drawing on her own experiences as a journalist, Georgiana Ilie, Reporter and Senior Editor of DoR Magazine in Romania talks about how open data, combined with storytelling, can galvanize action to

Savina Carluccio at URBalkans: Enhancing infrastructure resilience at every scale

Savina Carluccio, Project Lead on the Resilience Shift, explains how the initiative is working to enhance resilience at every scale – including at the level of a city, an infrastructure system, and

Understanding Risk Balkans - Highlights

Understanding Risk Balkans brought together over 350 attendees from 46 countries to exchange ideas, lessons learned and best practices on identifying, assessing and communicating risk.

Learning from Japan’s Experience to Prepare for Disasters in the Kyrgyz Republic

On October 5, 2018, the Kyrgyz Republic commemorated National Disaster Risk Reduction Day to remind citizens about “dormant” disaster risks and ensure the country stands ready to anticipate the nex

Understanding Risk Finance Pacific - Highlights

The Understanding Risk Finance Pacific forum took place in Port Vila, Vanuatu, from October 16-19th, 2018.

Ralph Regenvanu at URfPacific: How int'l community can follow Vanuatu's lead on climate change

Ralph Regenvanu, Vanuatu’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation & External Trade, breaks down how the small island state is taking the lead in the fight against climate change

Pablo Suarez at URfPacific: Why communicating disaster risk to policymakers matters

Pablo Suarez, team member for Understanding Risk, explains how communicating disaster and climate risks to policymakers can help ensure that policymaking addresses the needs of the most vulnerable

Pohiva Tu'i'onetoa at URfPacific: The promise of catastrophe risk insurance in the Pacific

Instrumental in boosting the financial resilience of Pacific island countries, the Pacific Catastrophe Risk Assessment and Financing Initiative (PCRAFI) now needs to expand its reach, according to

Sandra Hart at URfPacific: The challenge and opportunity of cash transfers in the Pacific

Sandra Hart, Pacific Cash Transfer and Livelihoods Advisor for Oxfam, sheds light on the potential of cash transfers to promote community resilience, as well as the barriers that need to be overcom

A Climate Change Virtual Reality Experience Goes Home: ‘Our Home, Our People’ Returns to Fiji

'Our Home, Our People,' a virtual reality project which tells the human stories behind the GFDRR-supported Fiji Climate Vulnerability Assessment, returns to the communities involved in the film.