Understanding Flood Vulnerability in Niger through Drones, Open Street Mapping and Flood Modeling

Through a combination of open street mapping, drones, and modeling, Nigeriens are taking the lead in building Niamey’s preparedness for the next flood. 

Sameh Wahba at URBalkans: Why understanding disaster risk matters for sustainable development

Sameh Wahba, Director of the World Bank’s Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience Global Practice, sheds light on the importance of understanding disaster and climate risks for sustainable development<

Marko Blagojevic at URBalkans: How Serbia transformed its approach to disaster risk management

Serbia has fundamentally transformed its approach to disaster risk management following the devastating floods of 2014, says Marko Blagojevic, Director of the Serbian Government’s Public Investment

Aida Hadzic-Hurem at URBalkans: Citizen engagement for resilience in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Citizen engagement is driving efforts to build resilience in Bosnia and Herzegovina, explains Aida Hadzic-Hurem, Disaster Risk Reduction Project Manager for UNDP Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Karl-Heinz Vogel at URBalkans: The next phase of the EU’s post-flood assistance to Serbia

The European Union’s assistance to Serbia following the devastating floods four years ago does not end with the recovery and reconstruction, stresses Karl-Heinz Vogel, Attaché – Focal Point for Dis

Michael Staudinger at URBalkans: Hydromet technologies key to addressing weather extremes in Balkans

While extreme weather seems to be becoming the ‘new normal’ in the Balkans, advances in hydrometeorological (hydromet) technologies could help the region address this challenge, according to Dr.

Lejla Hadzic at URBalkans: The healing power of cultural heritage

Cultural heritage can help people and communities heal in the aftermath of disaster, says Lejla Hadzic, Executive Director of Cultural Heritage without Borders, Albania.

Radu Văcăreanu at URBalkans: Code compliance no silver bullet for seismic risk

Compliance with seismic codes does not mean that buildings across the Europe and Central Asia are safe from earthquake hazards, according to Radu Văcăreanu, Professor of Structural Reliability and

Žaklina Gligorijević at URBalkans: The case for understanding risk in urban planning

Žaklina Gligorijević, Lead Planner of the Strategic Planning Department at the Belgrade Urban Planning Institute makes the case for why urban planners in Belgrade and other cities should integrate

Imra Hadzic at URBalkans: Why we need to engage the youth in disaster risk management

Young people have a key role to play in disaster risk management, explains Imra Hadzic, Flood Risk Management Consultant and Member of the Water Youth Network.