Following an effusive eruption at the La Soufriere volcano, first detected in December 2020, this project aims to support the government of Saint Vincent & the Grenadines in its efforts to respond to the volcanic eruption. It also aims to focus on enhancing emergency preparedness in the country by improving the operational frameworks for DRM and climate resilience. Specifically, the project focuses on strengthening the operational framework for school infrastructure resilience in order to allow for education continuity in light of the volcanic eruption and the COVID-19 crisis.

Main Activities

  • Strengthening the National Emergency Management Organization’s (NEMO) operational framework for disaster management by revising its National Disaster Response Plan in light of the ongoing volcanic eruption and COVID-19 pandemic and providing capacity-building opportunities to NEMO and its key stakeholders. 
  • Bolstering the operational framework for school infrastructure resilience by supporting education continuity and enabling select schools to serve as both educational institutions and emergency shelters. 
  • Developing communications and knowledge management materials to capture and disseminate lessons learned and best practices.


This project is in its inception.

Partnerships and Coordination 

This project will be implemented by the World Bank in close collaboration with NEMO; MoE; and Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning, and Information Technology, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.