The purpose of this analytical work is to assess the principal government ministries, departments, and agencies as stakeholders and implementing partners of hydromet and early warning information and services. The driver of this Road Map is end-user needs and the articulated actions and milestones are its markers of success.

Specifically, the Road Map targets government advisors and decision makers with a technical strategic framework for hydromet and early warning services and the resulting socioeconomic benefits. The expectation is for the main service providers to improve their capability and capacity to: (i) produce, manage, translate, and communicate hydromet data and information to stakeholders and end-users; (ii) assist stakeholders and end-users in accessing, interpreting, and utilizing the generated data and information; (iii) help improve the dissemination of and response to warnings for public safety and economic security; and (iv) inform planning and decision making for cost-effective investments in national climate-resilient development.