objective of the grant is to support decision
making processes for the selection of investment options and neighborhood
improvements, in particular the selection of environmental infrastructure to
reduce flood, landslide and erosion risk along the N'Djili River, to be funded
under the Kinshasa Urban Development and Resilience Project. This will be done through the elaboration of in-depth studies, with a specific focus on enhancing resilience to flood, landslide and erosion risk in the areas of the N’Djili urban watershed in Kinshasa. The choice
optimization of investments will also consider criteria based on land
management and resettlement. The outputs of the technical assistance will also
support project implementation, by proofing selected investments to climate
change and disaster risk, though the design of climate-proof infrastructures and
dissemination of good practices.

Sendai Priorities

Priority 1Understanding disaster risk
Priority 2Strengthening disaster risk governance to manage disaster risk
Priority 3Investing in disaster risk reduction for resilience
Priority 4Enhancing disaster preparedness for effective response and to “Build Back Better” in recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction