The objective of this Technical Assistance (TA) is to strengthen the Government of Haiti (GoH)'s capacity to integrate gender-sensitive and behaviorally informed actions in the country’s Disaster Risk
Management (DRM) program, including emergency evacuation initiatives. The TA's original components were: (i) to support the development of a Gender Gap
Analysis in the DRM sector in Haiti to inform current and future DRM engagements;
and (ii) to pilot the design of selected recommendations from the Behavioral Analysis, in coordination with ongoing DRM investments in Haiti (Strengthening
DRM and Climate Resilience Project – PGRAC, under implementation since May
2019). However, given
COVID-19 restrictions regarding in-person fieldwork needed for Component 2, the
team decided to suggest alternative activities. The new proposal for Component 2 consists of two parts. First, to perform an evaluation of the hurricane season communication campaign that was rolled out
in the summer of 2020. Second, to focus on another recommendation
from the study “Using Behavioral Insights to Improve
Disaster Preparedness, Early Warning and Response Mechanisms in Haiti”, more
specifically on shelter design leveraging cultural images
to promote good behavior in shelter to increase safety and operating management

Sendai Priorities

Priority 1Understanding disaster risk
Priority 2Strengthening disaster risk governance to manage disaster risk
Priority 3Investing in disaster risk reduction for resilience
Priority 4Enhancing disaster preparedness for effective response and to “Build Back Better” in recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction