Spatial Approach-The City Resilience Scan

The City Resilience Program seeks to improve upstream urban planning and integrate resilience by working across sectors to identify key development challenges. A structured three-phased process links the World Bank's operational expertise and technical solution areas with cities.

This support track commences with a rapid diagnostic – the City Resilience Scan. The City Resilience Scan aims at providing task teams and cities with a package of maps and visualizations that can kickstart a conversation around potential investments. See below an example of the City Resilience Scan for Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

Piecing Together Urban Resilience

Strengthening urban resilience requires taking a holistic approach to tackle the various risks and challenges that cities may face in every aspect. These include strengthening governance and institutional capacity, improving drainage, water & sanitation systems, enforcing adequate building regulations and land use planning, and resilient infrastructure and transport systems, amongst others. 

CRP brings together the breadth of World Bank Group expertise to support cities to address the different elements that comprise resilience.  A broad coalition of experts ranging from different fields including Emergency Preparedness & Response, Geospatial Solutions, Resilience Infrastructure, Resilient Water Supply etc. accompany the design and implementation of each city-level intervention. By working across sectors, resilient design is integrated in each lending operation and investment project, and city capacities to improve upstream urban planning are strengthened.



CRP aims to link the World Bank's operational expertise (senior operational staff) and technical areas (through the GSGs/KSBs) with SSA cities – giving clients the extra support needed to develop bankable investment programs.

To achieve this, one of the key activities proposed is the Resilience Planning Workshop to be held every 6 months. The Resilience Planning Workshop is a one-week interactive workshop that provides a mix of ignite presentations by different KSBs/GSGs/COPs, who presents risk-informed investment ideas in various risk-related technical fields and interact with participants to help them identify problems and potential investments The interactive sessions will enable participants to develop a set of prioritized investments plan, which will be pitched to the end of the workshop for soliciting the potential engagements.

Resilience Planning Workshop -Durban, South Africa, November 26-30, 2018