City Engagements

To date, CRP has engaged 45 cities across the world on developing investment programs that could be financed with a range of financial instruments.

The cities where engaging is ongoing, either through technical dialogue and/or participation in the Comprehensive Financial Solutions Conference in Bangkok. In the short term, the aim is to move from dialogue to action and begin to finalize the investment packages while tying sources and uses of funds together in order to ensure the programs materialize.

More broadly, the goal of the Program is to catalyze a marketplace to meaningfully connect cities and investors. At the same time, we want to encourage cities around the world to put climate resilience at the center of their investment programs, which requires strong coordination across city agencies. CRP will work to create an ecosystem where financial advisors include cities in the global south at the same level as they consider cities in the US and Europe. The goal is to have investors to do the same, and to demonstrate to investors that risk-adjusted returns are often higher in these complex environments. If CRP is successful, 10 years into the future this will become business as usual, not the frontier of complexity and opportunity.


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