Building Resilience through Innovation and Open Data in Sub-Saharan Africa

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About this Grant

The objective of the grant is to harness and apply proven innovations in data collection to improve community awareness of disaster risks in selected pilot countries in the Africa region. The grant activities aim to shift the traditional paradigm (e.g. taking decades to collect datasets; often relying on top-down approaches; and rarely enabling communities to be part of data gathering and its ultimate use) by embracing impactful and innovative technologies to allow informed decision making.

Implementation Status

Grant activities are nearing completion. Through GFDRR funding, activities are supporting community mapping of public and private buildings, roads, water sources and infrastructure in three districts in Uganda. This data will be integrated into the new Uganda Scalable Social Safety Net Initiative. Upcoming activities include training and capacity building activities for the Uganda Bureau of Statistics. The focus is on leveraging a set of innovative tools to modernize the mapping workflow. Geographic data already existing in paper format will also be digitized and made accessible through OpenStreetMap.

  • The FloodTags online digital media dashboard has been developed and is operational in Tanzania.
  • A simple impact forecasting tool has been developed for the Tanzanian Red Cross to understand weather forecasts in Tanzania.
  • Multiple training events have been held in Tanzania, Niger, Uganda and Mozambiuqe to build local capacity in innovative tools and technologies.
  • 100 schools have been surveyed in Mozambique using the VISUS methodology and 100 individual school reports with proposed reconstruction/retrofitting costs have been delivered and are available online for Mozambique.