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The Japan-World Bank Program for Mainstreaming Diaster Risk Management in Developing Countries was created following the 2012 Sendai Report, prepared by the World Bank and GFDRR, with financial support from the Government of Japan.

The report maintained that Disaster Risk Management (DRM) is a defining characteristic of resilient societies and should be integrated into development planning. The $100 million program, to be implemented over five years, will fund technical assistance, pilot projects, knowledge and capacity building activities,  and thematic initiatives focused on mainstreaming DRM into national development planning and investment programs.

The collaboration is the result of a strong partnership between Japan and the World Bank to help reduce risks from natural hazards. Japan, one of the founding donors of GFDRR in 2006, further strengthened cooperation with the World Bank in 2011 after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami through knowledge, advocacy and operational initiatives.

Building on the Sendai Report’s recommendations, Japan’s Finance Minister and the World Bank Group President together issued the Sendai Statement in October 2012, emphasizing importance of increasing technical assistance and financial support to vulnerable developing countries for building resilience to disasters, including the usage of Japanese know-how and expertise to support DRM policies and programs. Subsequently, the Ministry of Finance, Japan, announced its plan to strengthen support of DRM at the World Bank by supporting this Program to mainstream DRM in developing countries.




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Tokyo, Manila, Dhaka
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October 27-28, 2015
Almaty, Kazakhstan

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October 5, 2015


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