Second Flood Risk Management and Urban Resilience Workshop



These organizations support the Second Flood Risk Management and Urban Resilience Workshop.


Building up on the results of the first East Asia regional workshop, which took place in May 2012 in Indonesia, the upcoming Second East Asia regional workshop on Flood Risk Management and Urban Resilience will focus on Asian countries' experiences in flood risk management to sharing key recommendations and approaches which have been implemented to manage flood risk and build urban resilience. The workshop participants will have the opportunity to explore the benefits of an integrated flood risk management and address challenges to implementation of innovative and sustainable measures. The workshop will also help establish a community of leaders, practitioners and experts interested in managing the change through more integrated and strategic flood risk management. The workshop is organized under the East Asia regional partnership program implemented by the Government of Republic of Korea, the World Bank East Asia and the Pacific Disaster Risk Management team, and the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR). 

Please click here to see the proceedings from the workshop.


The workshop presentations can be downloaded here in PDF format:

Session 1: Balancing Structural and Non-structural Measures in Flood Risk Management - An Overview

Session 2: Challenges for Making Flood Risk Data Widely Accessible to Stakeholders

Session 3: Reducing Flood Risk Losses and Enhancing Resilience - Innovative Approaches

Session 4: Reducing Flood Risk Losses and Enhancing Resilience” - Community-based Approaches

Session 5: Flood Risk Early Warning System, Monitoring, and Control System

Session 6: Implementing Change


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